It’s 6:15pm on a Friday night.

From my desk I’ve got a direct line of sight to half a dozen people huddled around our office bar, the place we gather to eat, brainstorm, and as you might imagine, grab a beer or three. The weekend has unofficially arrived, yet folks are busy drinking cold pints of Blue Point, trading stories and knocking out a few remaining deliverables with laughter and shared cultural context.

It’s a glimpse into our world that exemplifies the importance of our sale to Project, a sale that paves the way for scenes like these for many, many years to come. Simply put, this sale means the family we’ve built will have a chance to do what they do best with more confidence and security than ever before, all while holding on to what has made this such a special experience in the first place. We get to keep the band together while building it out at the same time.

When discussions with Project began, we engaged but with many, many questions. Is it too early? What’s it like to have a boss? Can we keep our industry leading Nerf Gun per employee ratio? After months of cautious courtship, it became clear — we’d be idiots not to go for it. This is the call up to the big leagues we’ve been waiting for.

We love how we fit Project’s vision, values and portfolio — it’s an exceptional fit. We can’t wait to learn new tricks of the trade from our new agency family. And we’re pining for the chance to use our new resources to benefit our incredible client partners.

Since day one of this agency, my phone has been buzzing, day and night, with killer ideas, random gifs and notes of affirmation from our employee family. Our people have never once backed down from a challenge, always go the extra mile for a teammate or client and know how to celebrate the shared joy of a job well done. They deserve this news, they deserve this step up. We’re just scratching the surface of what we can collectively accomplish in the industry, and this deal truly allows us to move forward with confidence and purpose.

And so, today we’re going to exhale for the first time in 3.5 years. We’ll enjoy that deep breath, savor it, and then we’re going to get right back to work. There’s no time to waste, as we’ve got new expectations to surpass, new stories to write together.

Here’s to the many, many people who have made this story possible. You know who you are. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we promise we’re just getting started.

Onwards. Ever, ever upwards.


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