The Recommendation Engine is Campaign US’ weekly feature in which we learn about the media young people in the ad industry are consuming. This week, we get to know Christine Hauer, culture champion at Brooklyn-based creative communications agency Praytell. 

What I’m watching:
Variety’s “Actors on Actors” on YouTube. It’s fascinating to hear my favorite actors interviewing my favorite actors like Sir Ian McKellen and Cate Blanchett. Also, I watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix because I was a big fan way back when and had to know what happened to Logan. Plus, I just finished the first couple episodes of Westworld on HBO, and can’t take my eyes off Anthony Hopkins.

What I’m listening to:
I listen to Satellite Mode, an indie band my boyfriend plays bass for now. Also, I’m listening to “Sia Live” on Spotify because “Bird Set Free from the Village” brings humanity to my ears. Birdtalker from Nashville is another new favorite and I love their song “Heavy” as I’m a huge folk-mandolin-jam person. 

What I’m reading:
My script. Currently working on a scene in acting class from the play The Black and White, where I play a 96-year-old cockney lady who is having soup with her best friend. We’re at the edge of death, calmly eating bread and soup. Lots of subtexts, which makes for fascinating and meditative work. It’s also theater of the absurd, which you can’t beat.  

Who I’m following: 
“Reckless Theater,” a semi-underground improv comedy school started by Christian Capozolli who I studied with a year ago. They’re blowing up with shows all over the place, web series popping up, and their students are just exquisite. I have some buddies who jam out there, and I follow their funny things on Facebook. On the professional side, I check out the LinkedIn group for “Event Managers” to get some inside scoops on tricks of the trade. 

What I’m ignoring:
I’m attempting to ignore any feeling I have of running away from our current world and the present moment. I want to be in this thing. IRL.


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