Want to land that agency gig? You think you may have done your homework but, with one inadvertent error, you may end up completely blowing your chances.

We asked top agency execs to share their ad agency interivew tips — and some not-so-pleasant memories interviewing prospective employees, both for starting level and senior positions. Have confident body language, don’t be too self-absorbed, and for crying out loud no dead-fish handshakes.

Here’s what not to do at your next agency interview:

Rachel Spiegelman, president, Pitch
There have been countless times when I have sat down with what seems like a bright, young and eager candidate and asked why they wanted to join Pitch. More than three times candidates have answered with “I’m looking for a better commute.” Now, I know we are based in L.A., but if you think that I would ever hire anyone to be a part of our culture who is coming to us because of convenience, because of the pin we have on Waze, then you are certainly not as bright as we thought. But mostly, you’re not even smart enough to lie to me. And that’s the worst part.

Robert Riccardi, CEO, Argonaut
I find it pretty unsettling when a candidate posts that he or she was the person responsible for winning a pitch or bringing in a bunch of business. I had this one candidate that said he had won two big pieces of business — he spoke like absolutely no one else was involved — and that somehow it was all him. Obviously, I’m looking for people to take ownership, but come on. What we do is not an individual sport. Hiring for me has as much to do with character as it does with talent. I want people to share and build, not self-promote and divide.


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