Today, George P. Johnson is known as a leader and pioneer in experiential marketing. We are makers that bring brands to life on the largest and most innovative stages audiences have ever seen. But before LED screens and artificial intelligence, we used canvas for our creations.

GPJ got its start creating hand-made American flags. For years during the early 20th century, we stepped up to the plate during wartime and mass produced the symbolic banner of our country. In 1923, we were even commissioned to make the largest flag that had ever existed at that time for J. L. Hudson’s department store in Detroit. Our seamstresses made it, our folks hung it, and our forebears got to see it grace the side of the building every year on Flag Day.

Created in 1923, this GPJ made flag of 48 stars hung on Hudson's every year until 1959 when President Eisenhower formally granted Alaska its statehood.
Created in 1923, this GPJ-made 48-star flag hung on Hudson’s every year until 1959 when President Eisenhower formally granted Alaska its statehood and another star was added to our flag. 

Decades have gone by and GPJ has since moved on from creating American flags. However, we still celebrate Flag Day every year proving that even in an increasingly virtual world, hand-crafted products still resonate. We see that proof in the success of our work every day.

As today is Flag Day, let us be reminded of our proud heritage of hand-crafted American flags, and the importance they still carry. Despite our differences, we can all ask ourselves what our flag means to us collectively, and give thanks for the freedom we enjoy because of the sacrifices so many have made to secure it.