GPJ UK won ‘International Conference of the Year’ at the C&IT 2016 awards for their work on One Young World Summit 2015

At the 2016 C&IT Awards, George P. Johnson’s UK team came away with a big win. Their work on the 2015 One Young World Summit in Bangkok earned them the ‘International Conference of the Year’ award, and it’s a win well-deserved.

One Young World (OYW) is a UK-based non-profit that organizes events for young leaders to gather together and brainstorm solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Its annual summit took place in Bangkok in 2015 and saw young leaders from 196 countries come together in the presence of global luminaries such as Sir Bob Geldolf and Kofi Annan, to voice their opinions and debate the future of their world.

GPJ partnered with One Young World to bring the summit to great new heights.

For GPJ, bringing together a summit in one of the world’s busiest cities brought its own challenges.  There was the task of issuing well over 1,500 visas for delegates, as well as managing almost 50 VVIP’s for guests including presidents, Nobel Laureates and celebrities. Additionally, in a city that was recently hit by terror attacks, transport and security measures had to be taken into account with greater care than is usually required. Top all of that off with the logistical challenges presented in securing coverage through televising and streaming for four days, and the GPJ team certainly had their work cut out for them.

A key message that GPJ was able to integrate from beginning to end of the conference came from a question: What will you do? They applied this message physically and digitally, from registration and production of over twenty-five hours of general sessions and fifty breakouts to five evening events and signage all across the city of Bangkok. The message of taking action and personal responsibility inherent in the question “What will you do? #OYW” was powerful and expansive enough that it had the ability to spread far and wide over the four-day conference.

Unsurprisingly, OYW Bangkok 2015 was a global success. It was broadcast live on Thai TV and streamed all over the world – attracting over 125,000 twitter followers, three million YouTube views and the attention of over 200 media outlets with over 1000 items of valuable coverage.  As a result, GPJ was awarded the One Young World Summit that will take place in Ottawa in 2016.

Project is proud to see our agencies partnering with causes that matter, helping future leaders change lives and the world.


To see highlights from the 2015 OYW Summit, view the video here.