Many celebrate Flag Day, the day that America made stars and stripes its national ensign. We at Project also celebrate the birth of experiential powerhouse George P. Johnson, the agency whose roots are in American flag manufacturing that was, coincidentally, born 102 years ago today.

Not long after GPJ’s founding in 1914, America was entrenched in war and GPJ shrewdly recognized the weight that a national icon like the American flag would carry for its people. The agency started working overtime to mass produce as many flags as possible. Mission accomplished. In 1923, GPJ was commissioned to make the largest flag that had ever existed for the tallest department store in the world at that point, J.L. Hudson Co. GPJ managed the feat and the department store displayed the flag every year on June 14.

More than a century has passed since GPJ’s founding, and a lot has changed during those years. No longer does GPJ find success as a flag manufacturer. Instead, it provides immersive experiences for a bevy of top-tier brands and their audiences, where engagement and enthrallment walk hand-in-hand. GPJ showed during World War I that it knew how to bring an audience together. During the flag days, it was the American people. A giant constituency, indeed. Whether working for Cisco, IBM, or one of many automotive brands, it still does. Here’s to you GPJ. Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday.